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Cancelar Excluir. Cancelar Sair. Finally an improbable plot device condemns Julien to prison and execution, bringing his two lovers together.

It is the two love affairs which are central to The Red and the Black. These have some drama — there is much climbing of ladders to reach windows — but the real appeal is in the psychology of the lovers and the dramatic ironies in their often vastly different interpretations of events. Madame de Renal and Mathilde are full players in the game of love, not just objects of Julien's attraction, and Stendhal probes their thoughts and feelings accordingly.

The minor female characters — Madame de Renal's maidservant and friend, the waitress in a cafe, and even Mathilde's mother — are also presented in a largely positive fashion, and Stendhal's enlightened attitude to women is one aspect of the The Red and the Black which helps make it accessible to modern readers. Although determined to make a name for himself and obsessed by honour, Julien himself is also an appealing character.


And there are some splendid portraits among the minor characters. Its plotting has many awkwardnesses and its structure is far from satisfying formally, but The Red and the Black offers easy reading and good entertainment, with a lively story and memorable characters. The Red and the Black is littered with references that assume knowledge of the historical context.

Mostly these are not essential to the progress of the novel, however, so the approach of this edition, with endnotes discreetly marked in the text by small symbols in the margin, works well.