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But maybe there is a control aspect to my porn usage. One night, I had a sexual dream about one of the male cabin leaders. On several previous occasions, telling my story had helped me break down some of the awkwardness I felt. So, I grabbed the cabin leader supervisor and shared my story with him. This led to discussion about how community requires vulnerability. Even with a wide open invitation, I remained a silent listener in the community.

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The voices flooded my mind. How useless am I not to protect the females on the team?

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I am so weak. I am nothing like the other guys on the team. What am I even doing here?! With all that had been going on, my team director decided to have a chat with me. As that final morning sped by, I found myself wishing I had been more present that weekend. And now a few more times since.

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Several of our authors attended, and we discussed our time together — both highs and lows — in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Did I want to be in leadership, or did that role need to be filled?

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