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For example, the federal government runs its fiscal year from. October 1 until the end of September.

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The scalar subquery you would. Your assignment is to add all the constraints you can think of to the.

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Most SQL programmers immediately think in terms of adding. This is. You could continue along the same lines and fix some prob-. The constraint that almost everyone forgets to add because it is. You could argue for making each predicate a separate con-. The predicates on. Unfortunately, this method does not work for all companies. Many companies have an elaborate set of rules that involve tak-.

They do this to arrive at exactly days or 52 weeks in their. In fact, there is a fairly standard accounting. The answer is a FiscalMonth. A constraint that will work surprisingly well for such cases is:. If the rules allow some variation in the size of the fiscal. Now, true confession time. When I have to load such a table in a. Spreadsheets have much better temporal functions. He wanted to create a database that tracks employee. Here is the table you will use:.

An employee ID number identifies each employee.

The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems

If an employee accrues 40 severity points within a one-year period,. If an employee is absent. The employee does not receive severity points on the.

Your job is to write SQL to enforce these two business rules, changing. Looking at the first rule on discharging personnel, the most common. This approach messes up queries that count sick days, and makes. The trick is to allow a severity score of zero, so you can track the long-. Simply change the. This is a trick newbies miss because storing a zero seems to be a waste of. AND Absenteeism. When a new row is inserted, this update will look for another absence.

The second rule for firing an employee requires that you know what. You would write that query as follows:. Personnel with less than 40 points will return a NULL,.

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SQL implementations will require it. Bert Scalzo, a senior instructor for Oracle Corporation, pointed out that. The flaws are quite simple. First, the subquery does not check for.

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It requires the addition of a date range check in the. Second, this SQL code deletes only offending personnel and not their. The related Absenteeism row must be either explicitly or. You could replicate the above deletion for the. Absenteeism table. However, the best solution is to add a cascading. The performance suggestions are based on some assumptions. If you. AND A1. There is still a problem with long-term illnesses that span weeks.

This is not a very nice place to work. If an. The Friday. The subquery. I would avoid problems with weekends by having a code for. A business that has people working. This same trick would also prevent you from losing scheduled.

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If the. While I agreed that I left out the aging on the dates missed, I will. Better yet, DB2 and some other. You would. Another useful tool for this kind of problem is a Calendar table, which. In the SUM A.

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Some people will also have a column in the Calendar table that. Julianizes the working days. Holidays and weekends would carry the. Leonard C. Medal came up with this nifty little problem many years ago. Anesthesiologists administer anesthesia during surgeries in hospital.

Information about each anesthesia procedure is. Note that some of the times for a given anesthesiologist overlap. Anesthesiologists, unlike surgeons, can move from one. There is a sliding scale for remuneration for each procedure based on. The higher this count, the lower the. For example, for procedure 10, at each instant during that. Baker counts up how many total procedures in which he. This maximum count for procedure 10 is 2. The problem then is to determine for each procedure over its.

We can derive the answer graphically at first to get a better.

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  • Example 1 shows two overlapping procedures. The upper, Gantt-. It helps to. We can see in Example 1 by inspection that the maximum is 2. Example 1 —Dr. Baker, Proc Example 2 shows a more complex set of overlapping procedures, but. The maximum, which happens twice, is 3. Example 2 —Dr.

    This book provides a complete guide to DB2 UDB Version 5 in all its aspects, including the interfaces that support end users, application developers, and database administrators. It is complementary to the IBM product documentation, providing a clear and informal explanation of how the features of DB2 were intended to be used.

    Pages: Product dimensions: 1. Chamberlin is co-inventor of the original SQL database language. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Basics 3.